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 It's a great time to be in aviation with new and emerging users, and new technologies supporting these operations.  GXA Consulting is focused on serving aviation clients and we'd love to chat about how we can help. 

Bob Lee, Owner

Areas where we work

Crewed and Uncrewed Airspace Users

Airspace Integration and traffic management concepts for new and emerging airspace users.  Includes very low-level to higher airspace operations.

On-board and ground-based systems for both crewed and uncrewed aircraft

Aviation Systems & Services

Communication, Navigation and Surveillance systems. 

Digital services for air traffic management including networking and cyber security.

Performance-based air-to-ground communication systems.


International Regulations & Standards

Regulations and technical standards addressing equipment design and certification requirements, aviation services and air operations.

Who we are

Aerospace Consulting

GXA Consulting is an aerospace consulting company providing engineering and business services to crewed and uncrewed aircraft operators and manufacturers, aviation systems and component manufacturers and aviation service providers.

We posses a broad range of skills to help you with your project across its life cycle including strategic planning through systems engineering and integration testing.

What we do

Systems Engineering 

Systems engineering design and analysis for aerospace systems including:

  • Aircraft communications, navigation and surveillance
  • Uncrewed aircraft systems
  • Traffic management automation systems
  • Air-to-ground communications systems and networking

Airspace design and integration of emerging airspace users

System architectural design to support integration of new technologies into aviation systems
  • Technology roadmaps and maturity assessments
  • Tradeoff and feasibility analysis
  • System design and integration engineering services


Strategy Development

A good strategy can be a powerful tool in guiding teams.  At GXA Consulting we work with aviation clients to define business and technical strategies to achieve your objectives.

A few examples:

  • New product or service introduction and associated technology roadmaps
  • Responding to changes in market or competitive dynamics
  • Proposal strategies for capturing new business


Contact us

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